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Bullrun Capital Hopes to Replicate 2017 Success with Micron Waste

Danny Deadlock Danny Deadlock, TickerTrax
0 Comments| December 7, 2017

Strong corporate communications (Investor Relations or IR) is critical to the success of any microcap company. And poor IR can even lead to their demise. But there is often a blurred line between good IR and “Stock Promotion” – typically it is defined by the “quality” of the company being promoted.
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Many microcap (penny stock) companies are nothing more than a way for insiders and their friends to fleece the investing public. But a large percentage of small companies can be hidden gems with tremendous growth potential – and the potential to generate substantial capital gains. The challenge is reading through the B.S. and knowing which is which.

If public companies fail to communicate well, their share price suffers and it not only becomes very difficult to finance growth, but a low share price results in excessive dilution when a company finally does find financing. This can be extremely detrimental to existing shareholders. On the TSXV and CSE in particular, it is a tight-rope that must be walked by all microcap companies. Many fail miserably while others are great at managing IR.

Vancouver based Bullrun Capital ( not only helps finance small companies, but they are in a top tier when it comes to orchestrating corporate communications and media / public relations with the companies they invest in. Bullrun has been on a roll in 2017 and they hope that streak continues into 2018. You cannot expect all their stocks to be stellar performers, but their last two have done exceptionally well.
1) Patriot One Technologies Inc.  (TSX: V.PATY, OTCQB: PTOTF, Forum) was financed in 2016 by Bullrun and they did an exceptional job helping to orchestrate corporate  communications on this company. Patriot had two huge runs this past year with the latest fueled by the mass shooting in Las Vegas.
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2) Cannabix Technologies (BLO:CSE) is developing a marijuana breathalyser and Bullrun was instrumental in identifying this potential early, and funding them with strategic investors – who have done incredibly well in 2017. The marijuana stocks have been hot and BLO exploded in November thanks to Canadian guidelines on the recreational use of MJ.

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Bullrun has several different projects on the go right now, but one they are very passionate about (because of its growth potential and the impact it can have on our planet), is:
 Micron Waste Technologies (CSE: C.MWM, MICWF, Forum) (48 centts)
Shares Outstanding: 60 Million / Working Capital approx. $5 Million (no debt)
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There is not a lot I can tell you about Micron that isn’t already contained on their website, in their corporate presentation, or in a corporate YouTube video:
What I can tell you however, is that the Bullrun Capital group is VERY good at corporate communications, media / public relations, and networking with large accredited and institutional investors. In addition, money attracts money. And early shareholders of Patriot and Cannabix have made a LOT of money in 2017. Some will already be in Micron, but others will be waiting to see how the story unfolds in 2018.
Micron is working hard to advance the technology and sign new clients in North America (eventually they will go International). The higher the profile of their partners / clients, the more the stock is de-risked and the higher the market cap “should” climb. Investors want to see industry validation (and traction). Once this occurs, they are typically willing to pay a higher price for the speculative nature of future growth.
This became clearly evident with the huge runs in both Patriot and Cannabix. The stocks didn’t double or triple in weeks or months because the companies suddenly signed massive revenue generating contracts, it was because of herd mentality and the “what-if” growth potential.

Click to enlargeThe psychology of crowds is clearly evident in many TSXV and CSE listed stocks this year
(Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Marijuana in particular), but none of this would exist without good “story-tellers”. These take the form of IR professionals, Newsletter Writers, Old-School Stock Promoters, Message Board Posters, Social Media Professionals, and Capital Finance companies with great networking skills.
With MicroCap stocks you are looking for high growth companies with solid fundamentals, but you also want to know they are working with people who understand the critical importance of Corporate Communications. In the case of MWM, it appears they have the necessary mix.
ADDENDUM: News Thursday December 7th
Before this could be sent to Stockhouse for publishing, Micron (MWM.C) issued news early this morning. You can find it here.
In a nutshell. Micron is entering (What should become) a lucrative market niche – treating waste material from marijuana grow operations. This is a regulatory hassle for all growers and if they are going to maintain their legal status in 2018 and beyond, they will need to meet and maintain Health Canada standards. As evidenced by this snapshot from the Health Canada website, the market is large:
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Once the technology is proven in Canada, they will be able to expand this internationally. From what I can find, there is “currently” no competition and they will be the first to market.
Bull Capital backed Cannabix (BLO) and they have one of the first breathalysers in the marijuana industry. Without any sales, BLO now commands a market cap of CDN $140 million. Bullrun is now behind Micron who will produce (what appears) will be the only waste handling unit of its in the marijuana industry. The market cap of Micron with about $5 million in the bank, is CDN $30 million.
Now that they have solid exposure to the marijuana industry (which is a ridiculously strong sector), it will be interesting to see where speculators want to take this market cap over the next few months.

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Micron Contact:   604-398 8840 Ext 700
Social Media:    /
Disclosure: Danny Deadlock owns 100,000 shares of Micron Waste Tech

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