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Alternate Symbol(s):  MEAOF

"Metanor Resources Inc is engaged in acquisition, exploration and development of mining properties. The Company operates a gold mine in Quebec and exploration & evaluation properties in the area."
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5 stars

re--5 stars Bashing a stock you do not own . Let ' s tabulat

Merry Christmas to all.  IMO  rate and reply
3.5 stars

RE:Bashing a stock you do not own . Let ' s tabulate

Ilove wrote: The 80 cent predict had a caveat , as long as the market ( gold ) did not take a thrashing . I will not repost it , they can spew lies all the like . It will not change the more
0 stars

NEW Intercepts Show Extensive Near-Surface Zinc Mineralization

The impressive width of mineralization intersected indicates potential to build additional tonnage in the northern expansion of the Nash Creek Deposit. Furthermore, the depth of this mineralization combined with higher grade zones could add significant value to the upcoming PEA more
3 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Jumpem, Prediction Update...

fruitvale3067 wrote: Goldhappy, the lasttime I checked Gold was a metal. I don't care if it's different management either. That just means this company has been neglected/rejected buy more
3 stars

Final 2017 News Release?

This cannot be the way MTO wants to end 2017.   IR should come out with a better finish for the year instead of this last News release. Lets go MTO! more
5 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Jumpem, Prediction Update...

It's that time again folks. It has been 138 out of the last 144 days MTO has traded below Jumpem's prediction of not a share below .80. Plus it has been 273 days since he origionally made his more
3.5 stars

re--Kinda busy switching i . d . 's

Everyone is accused of having muliple ID's by the infamous lov.  Long ago established that he works for MTO--as you infer, nobody would do what he does day in and day out unless some sort more
5 stars

Kinda busy switching i . d . 's

Sorry jump i've been busy with my stocks that were actually doing something,, like MYM closing up at FOUR bucks today,, was like 25 cents not long ago, sure is making the bank account FAT more
3 stars

kinda busy

Can you keep your rants and attacks shorter please,, kinda busy to try and read all your attacks,,, and then try to read "the pump" you go forever about.. Proven fact keep notes short, more
2.5 stars

re--Up on deck .

Headwinds for POG are mainly Tax Reform effect; cryptocurrencies are playing a part but that should go away once people realize that the oriiginal Safe Have Gold is going to remain so.  Just more
3 stars

Moss be reported

Been drilling since summer. Bachelor Moroy deep drilling should have another hole or 2. Barry drilling away. Will be many assay results. Not if there is gold but tonnage and grade......  rate and reply
3 stars

stupid is as stupid does..

Oh jump your such a story teller,, guess that's why your the "spokesperson" for your team D.. it's obvious you just don't get it,, can't see through your own stubbornness more
1 star

RE:Maybe a Christmas gift....

Hopefully you like COAL gnote,,, like Bubba Gump would say,, you can always have Coal Burgers, Coal Salad, coal kabobs, BBQ'd coal, coal soup, coal stew, coal and eggs, deep fried coal,, that' more
5 stars

Maybe a Christmas gift....

this week in the form of some much anticipated drill results.  Would be nice but unlikely, 50-50 chance.  rate and reply
5 stars

tristram coffin

.. about 6 weeks ago insider Tristram Coffin put 100 grand of his own money to buy shares of MTO at about 75 cents. So he is not too worried of the short term.  rate and reply
3 stars

RE:Pokin more fun at porky pig

Nothings happens by mistake there champ,, don't kid yourself.. as for being trapped the tax loss i've incurred by owning (selling) MTO isn't all bad as both MYM and FAT continue to more
5 stars

RE:RE:Pokinfun at "porky pig"

And what do we have here? A multiple alias retard without the wherewithall to log in with the correct ID when worked up about a response. Dolt. Exposed. Has anyone seen pokinfun aka more
0 stars

RE:Pokinfun at "porky pig"

Hey Larry,, how about you go and fck yourself... Vandetta was a gift if I'd sold it in the first hand full of weeks only,, yes then it would have been a gift.. but you are "investors" more
3.5 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:Bypassed again....

Heh smarty....that's what happens to the young lads coming off a weekend drunk and getting the blurry eyes to check the monday computer screen.Maybe he got a nip too. Any snow up your more
3 stars

RE:RE:RE:Bypassed again....

Fruit you got it wrong again ..!!!   wow are the best ..!!!  It was not goldhappy it was me, heystupid that addressed you OM vs OSK post.  No problem must be too more
5 stars

RE:RE:Bypassed again....

goldhappy wrote: I think you got it wrong again Fruit.  Todays announcement is a different company Osisko Metals. I would gather they bought into a zinc play or something like that. Not more