krbcan wrote:
Sunshineluver wrote: Guys, careful with this junk stock.. and lead pumper benco. This clown pumping last 15years. Lol lolololo. Sp is .24 lol. Take advantage of PHM.v ;-)

Hi Crazytrader!  Happy new year!  I wondered when you would be posting again here under your latest alias.  You didn't think this was a junk stock when you were trying to pump it up last year. 

You have zero credibility on this bullboard and any other board -- whether you are pumping it or bashing it.

The only thing you are good at is creating a huge number of aliases -- crazytrader12, crazytrader121, crazytradamus, crazytradamus1, crazytradamus2, crazytradamus3, crazytradamus4, crazytradamus5, crazytradamus6, crazytradamus7, crazytradamus8, crazytradamus9, crazytradamus10, crazytradamus11, 2pairnohair, kingcuba29, lbl1111, need2know68, investprostar, etc. 

And actually, the fact that you repeatedly get suspended over and over by stockhouse proves you aren't even good at that. 

Seriously get a life.

Again folks -- there are 3 posters on this bullboard who create basically all the aliases to push their agenda -- this idiot, bionicjoe, and georgesorelose.

krbcan wrote:  

I have a great track record of exposing fraudsters and providing evidence to stockhouse resulting in suspensions.