Yup. This will be at .65 cent in no time plus if the quarter ends strong...everyone is smiling to the bank. No brainer and Im surprised the word has not gotten out yet. Very low key news wise/updates from the company...which is not always a bad thing, in my books.
thekgs68 wrote:
I didn't want to say anything until I got some shares...

This has a Book Value of $36.5m Vs. Market Value of $57m, and it's growing at 150%!

Based on 57.4m Shares o/s (and not much if anything in Options and Warrants) meaning the Price per Sahre is trading $0.10 below Book Value. 

And it's servicing Oil patch which is going to go crazy again.

Thaks for the head up!

Futureisbright wrote: After a few weeks DD/research, I think.....no, I know that I have found what I've been looking for. Been tired of running into the Bitcoin/Crypto-hype, but finally, a company hiding under the radar. I can't believe this is still trading at the 50-cent mark. From what I have been reading up on, this company is already worth well over double it's current SP. This will be back up in the $2-$3.00 range in the next few months. This management team in place, seems to be doing all the right stuff, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this paying out a dividend-to-boot, after it's next major growth spurt. Looking forward to the next few weeks, prior to the next quarterlies...... GLTA who took advantage of being in this one at this stage.....