Would you Bet aganist Alcohol?

Doesn't make sense, does it? 

In my opinion, there is going to be massive demand for Marijuana products once people don't have to buy off a person in a parking lot at 12am and feel like they are a criminal. LOL

Alcohol, and Marijuana. Two things lots of people use, why on earth would anybody bet aganist this industry..? It will have up and down's of course, but nobody can predict this market.. 

Aurora is in a great position, and they are great business minds.. Do you really think that they aren't going to sell as much as they possibly can.

I know nothing is a sure thing, but if you know anything about this industry, and the amount of people that use it, it's really hard to say why it's not.. Other than the fact that the numbers don't match up to the valuation.. Of course not, it's not legal yet.. More money is in the recreational than medical.. 

To everyone who is long on the stock, I'm right here with you! We have a Great Company here.