Decible, buddy!  You don't need crystal balls for the markets!  You need steel balls!  LOL

Relax the charts are saying the money is coming back but yes, all the fund managers and brokers are on the mega gains on the weed plays.   The charts are monsters there.

I even have a toe in that sector because I need to keep track of it and make some money while I wait for Baytex to EXPLODE!!!!

Weed versus Energy proves that fundamentals no longer drives the markets. It's technicals that do!  Fundamentals eventually gets there but if you want to the biggest gains, you need to learn the charts.

Decible wrote: I understand that there is a lot of money going into the weed stocks, but really BTE at $4.09 when oil is almost $62?

Either the fund managers are playing a super risky game with weed, i.e. Aurora 3B market cap with $36 million in yearly sales, or oil and oil producers are truely a lame duck.

I'm tryint to be patient, I am in at $4.20, but expect at least fair market vaule when technically BTE is now a profitable company.

I was in Aurora when it was $3.00, so I'm kicking myself now, but the technicalls were all off kilter, so I panicked and got out at $3.75.

Any chrystal balls out there?