Very popular Andrew from Citron Research, the US based short seller who took down BIG $300 "market darling" Valeant to the $11s is aiming his target at the new Weed "market darling" Aurora ACB.  Unlike BTE, and VRX, I can't freaking short weed stocks so I can only trade long or sidelines.  Probably a good thing becuase that sector is mega manipulated.  The boys are out in force painting the tape!!!  LOL

ACB has turned into a trader's stock and it's about to crash, not sure when...!!!  I'm actually long on it with a tight stop because I like to bet on investor stupidity.  There's so much of it on the markets!!!  LOL

Anyway, looks like ACB will become the poster child of the weed correction and people might start to destone a bit and look at valuations.  I'm also long on a Aurora target CMED since it was held down by crooked brokerages and now it's being bought up by big banksters in the US.

Enjoy the ride on BTE and don't be too greedy! All of us who have been here for a while know how this horsey and go for a run and quickly return to the manure in the barn...

For now.... RUN HORSEY RUN!  LOL