This is not a merger is it a family reunion with a remedy for breach of fiduciary duty backstop.

Without a calculator it has me thinking this family reunion is bigger than the other one he did this month

Just to point out  you forgot to read the Bharti selling snow to you  eskimos "agreement may also be terminated by either party for any reason"...I can think of a few reasons

$40 000 consulting fees per month need 90 days written notice

$120 000 to actually terminate consulting agreement

36 month cash bonus payout

36 month  base fee payout

All shares and options not yet vested can be redeemed

All bonus plan shares and option from take over can be redeemed

All loans to wife never repaid


This tops Avion ,  his 10 million golden parachute from Crocodile Gold , Longford , $2 000 000 eurocontrol loan he forgot to pay, and the time he lent his wife or son  $700 000 out the million raised but "forgot" to inform the Valencia, or the 3.5 million Dacha loan for him and his wife...or the 8.5 million his companies failed to pay back Aberdeen....


Anyone  know if it is Stan Bharti or his wife that gets the success or introduction fees?  If I knew I would do the selling snow to eskimo breakdown in the meantime I am still laughing and  the rental termination fees