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Stockhouse Ticker Trax is published to subscribers every Monday (annual cost only $47 - lock in before prices rise!). We focus on best-in-class high growth small companies trading on the TSX and TSX.V between 5 cents and $3 with a market cap below $300 million.

Equity Analyst Danny Deadlock has 30 years of experience speculating on Canadian penny stocks and targets capital gain opportunities and diversification in metals and minerals exploration, energy, and technology.

For the experienced investor, Ticker Trax provides an extra set of eyes and ears (idea generation) and for those learning to invest in micro cap stocks, we provide stock picks and market education.

Subscribers receive; (1) new research (stock picks) weeks in advance of being featured on this weekend column (2) exclusive access to our list of junior gold exploration companies (critical for peer valuation), (3) exclusive access to our list of Cash Rich micro cap companies (our Virtual Vulture Fund) which contains 80 companies with almost $3 Billion.

Both tables are updated monthly.

Through Ticker Trax I try to provide research to paid subscribers on a variety of sectors or industries in the micro cap space. This may include resource exploration, technology, energy, or various industries. I try to pinpoint where money is flowing or avoid sectors where we see very little interest.
September 15th I featured a fascinating engineering company, Empire Industries Ltd. (TSX: V.EIL, Stock Forum) (11.5 cents) at 7.5 cents that had been shunned by the investment community for years - but appeared to make an interesting turnaround without taking on a huge amount of risk.
This is the 9-page report I prepared for paid Ticker Trax subscribers mid-September and for those of you interested in trying an annual subscription (which is VERY affordable) this will provide you with a sample of the type of research I like to do.
If nothing else, I provide a different perspective on micro cap stocks and an extra set of eyes and ears in your overall TSX & TSX Venture penny stock research.
Empire Industries Ltd. (EIL.V 7.5 cents)
September 15th, 2013
“Anything You Can Dream - We Can Build”
Empire provides investment exposure to large International Engineering Projects, Steel
Fabrication, Entertainment Growth in China, and the Alberta Oil sands.

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This report is more comprehensive than normal but the risk was so attractive I felt it warranted the more detailed report. You may wish to take five minutes to review the research methodology.
This is also an example of a company featured exclusively to paid subscribers that never made it to this free weekend column. 

Disclosure: Danny Deadlock owns 100,000 shares of EIL

To view the special TickerTrax report, please enter your email address in the box below this article and we'll send it directly to your inbox.


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EIL remains one of favorite small cap names in Canada.
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January 12, 2014
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