The Calandra Report: David Banister to start gold-trading service

Thom Calandra
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Note: Inovio (AMX:INO, Stock Forum) took a shave the other day after comments from a writer at The writer questioned the utility of Inovio Pharma's "technology," which he said was 30 years old and unproven. The mailbag answer deserves an Inovio response. I think the writer is referring to electroporation, which has scholarly references going back to 1982. At any rate, I hope to see Inovio's San Diego, California, lab at some point. In the meantime, I fault no one for selling at $2.58 with a nice profit. I likely will sell a portion of my small stake (about 4,000 shares).
David Banister runs a few stock-trading services and newsletters from New England in the USA. The 48-year-old trader and investor has a gold bug up his sleeve but also calls withdrawals from the bullion market, as he has done several times.
David has made money for me a few times: in biotech, in solar, and in metals equities. He follows wave theories yet also surfs elsewhere in search of technical entries and exits. I like what he is telling me now.
"I recommended [McEwen Mining] (TSX:T.MUX, Stock Forum) and [Almaden Minerals] (TSX:T.AMM, Stock Forum) a few weeks ago as you know and have been pounding the table on gold and gold stock with private and public articles the last several weeks.  My opinion is you can throw a dart and make money in gold/silver miners this year, but pinpoint accuracy will yield you some big returns."
David's Active Trading Partners is at
- His slogan is ‘Timing Is Everything.’
I like another quote, which is "If you don’t take your profits, the market will often take them from you."
TCR does not follow that line of thought.
Still, with the acceleration of high-frequency trading and the withdrawal of long-term funds from equity markets, the old in-and-out has its advantages. That much we concede to David Banister.
David has proven (to me) during the past 8 years that he knows how to slide down and up the bannister for profit (and perhaps for fun with his beautiful family).
He recommends the use of 3x derivatives and ETFs to take advantage of pivot points in markets. He is not just a writer; he makes money trading.
Dave has sent me some of his wave analysis of the gold market: bullion and equities. It is good stuff if you like to surf.
"I will be starting a gold trading service this quarter and expect it to be a big hit. I will forecast gold and, to some extent, silver, and give out actual trade ideas on the metals themselves via ETF’s, Forex or what have you. Once in a while a gold miner stock will be highlighted. There will be public and private options for subscription (Free and Paid)," he says.
Banister adds, "Throw darts, Thom...that's not being facetious."
-- For our audience, Dave's MUX entry was 1.85. McEwen Mining is $2.10 now, about seven or eight days on.
-- DB mentioned FCX few weeks back on the lower risk side.
-- He "loved" AMM entry at $1.10. That one, Almaden Minerals, is the only one mentioned here that I own.
Of course, TCR's preferred poison for 3x bullion (long) is Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 2X Shares (NYSE:NUGT, Stock Forum).
Thanks Dave. (Also see:
So is this the cusp of a metals recovery? Gold futures this morning were hit hard for 10 seconds, then recovered. See:
Quick recoveries such as this one ... down $30 an ounce to up a few bucks -- sometimes signal more upside to come. We'll see. I've learned over the years not to ask the reasons why (For example: Japan-China trade wars; sliding dollar; George Soros ...).
One market observer -- not Dave -- writes just after the gold flash crash this morning, "Nevertheless, the miners are continuing to forge ahead and if we can get a surge back through $1,247 in gold, the 50-dma for the NUGT at $33.72 and [Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners] (NYSE:GDXJ, Stock Forum) at $32.78 should be surmounted setting the stage for a multi-week advance."
I could say, 'Hey, you all are preaching to the choir here,' but you know, my singing voice is as raspy as ever it is going to be. 
Promised: Here are those two conference lists in the biomedical area -- both next week in San Francisco. One of them was difficult to find; The JP Morgan one, which is legendary on the West Coast each January, at the St. Francis Hotel. JPM's Healthcare Conference will have webcasts.
The other in a week is for smaller biomedical companies at a hotel across the street -- Parc 55. Here is the link.
PLATINUM GROUP METALS: This just in from Kris Begic at Platinum Group Metals (South Africa) (TSX:T.PTM, Stock Forum): "With the closing of our $175M financing on December 31, Platinum Group is the second biggest mining equity fund raiser in 2013 behind Barrick’s monster offering. The $175M combined with the $180M we closed in January 2013 PTM raised $355M in equity for our South African projects."
Here is the financing chart:

Rango Energy (OTCQB:RAGO, Stock Forum): Yes, I still own this one. I bought at 20 cents or so and now RAGO is 8 cents. The company's principals tell me they continue to work on developing California and Texas oil-gas properties. I have lost interest.
If I sell the shares at a loss, soon, I likely will sink more into other energy themes: Lynden Energy (TSX:V.LVL, Stock Forum), American Sands Energy (OBB:AMSE, Stock Forum) or something in uranium. Energy Fuels (TSX:T.EFR, Stock Forum) under its new UUUU ticker is blazing. ... Sysorex Global (OTO:SYRX, Stock Forum) , like watching paint dry, continues to ascend. ... BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:BCRX, Stock Forum) looks like the shares are going to see all heck break loose: Influenza, gout, leukemia, agio-edema, Marburg's virus.
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