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Thom Calandra
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December 11, 2013
TORONTO -- Here are a few bank reports (attached) from folks who believe gold is probably cheap at $1,200 an ounce.
The analysis crowd these days is forecasting $1,050 to $1,250 for 2014.
If a bank's business is with gold and resource companies -- some banks in Canada, South Africa, Australia -- the gold forecast is closer to $1,300 for 2013. Broader multinational banks, such as Goldman Sachs, sport 2014 forecasts closer to $1,000 an ounce.
Jeremy Gray runs Global Resource equity research for Standard Chartered Bank and in a note forwarded here, he squibs, "Not that analyst forecasts mean anything anymore as this same group had a mean forecast of $1,950 for 2012 when gold peaked on the 6th of September 2011 at $1,895 per ounce."
Come on, they're all friendly frauds, the analysts who work for banks. [I am always glad to distribute reports from the brave investment bank (not specialized brokerage) analyst out there who is calling for $1,600 gold in 2014. Hell-oh out there?]
INOVIO (AMX:INO, Stock Forum): The pharmaceutical developer's CVO, chief vaccines officer, J. Joseph Kim, is speaking on a panel with the topic, Ovarian & Cervical Cancer – Immunotherapy Exploring Three Approaches – Dendritic Cells, DNA Plasmids & Liposomal Delivery.
Inovio Pharma’s DNA immunotherapy VGX-3100 is in human trials in the USA to treat cervical pre-cancers and cancers, head & neck cancers, and anogenital cancers caused by human papilloma virus (HPV).
I am mostly convinced that effective and consistent immunotherapy for cancers (and infectious diseases) will depend on delivery methods, and I am not talking about Jeff Bezos's mini-drone copters either. Synthetic DNA is starting to distance itself from other therapies in developmental pharma; getting that DNA into cells safely and reliably is the trick. Inovio delivers its DNA plasmids in water via a form of electroporation.
Dr. Kim's discussion can be obtained through the following link:

I own Inovio shares now.
More reading: Thanks to TCR family member Rob Olscamp for sharing some of the documents he snags here and there. You know, after doing what I do for decades, I get so much material PUSHED to me; I can get lazy SEARCHING for nighttime reading.
Rob says, "SCRIBD is a document sharing website. I scrub it once a week for companies I invest in. It is a great way to find analyst reports and company documents you otherwise wouldn't get your hands on so to speak. I also use Google advanced search to only look for PDF docs ... a good filter to find hidden gems."
Thanks Rob. Unlike my TCR analysis the past 28 months, that is news we can use.
Here are some of Rob's links:
Busting out:
I sold 52,000 shares of GZZ this week (Tuesday). I still have about 200,000 shares of Glenn Mullan's Golden Valley Mines (TSX:V.GZZ, Stock Forum), along with about 25,000 shares of sister company Abitibi Royalties (TSX:V.RZZ, Stock Forum) there in Quebec Province.
I also sold my Prophecy Platinum (OTCQX:PNIKF, Stock Forum)-- about 2,000 shares -- in what was a slim profit based on a three-week trade. I look to re-purchase Greg Johnson's Prophecy Platinum -- active in British Columbia -- at some point.
In addition, I sold some Ivanhoe Mines (TSX:T.IVN, Stock Forum), another platinum gambit -- about 1,780 shares, I believe. I used the money from these trades to purchase Inovio and yes, kick me in the hips, more NUGT (NYSE:NUGT, Stock Forum), the 3x gold equities directional. Buy cheap and hope for glory. I still own about 120,000 or so IVN shares, I believe.
I have been adding to one of our TCR 8s: Gold Standard Ventures (TSX:V.GSV, Stock Forum). I now own about 66,000 GSV shares, which is some 4 million fewer than co-founder Jonathan Awde owns.
What else is working? Coastal Contacts (TSX:T.COA, Stock Forum) just broke through $7 again, in part on word that is now sees eye-to-eye with
Interesting that Coastal, a Vancouver, Canada, company we have tracked for three years, will keep using its own distribution outlets to get its eyeglasses and contact lenses to Internet purchasers via Overstock.
Eyeglasses: might be a nice trial run for's neighborhood chopper drones, whenever those start deliveries, say, in 2015.
I have yet to purchase COA shares. ... Also working, as in NOT failing: NuLegacy Gold (TSX:V.NUG, Stock Forum). ... Eurasian Minerals (TSX:V.EMX, Stock Forum) bounced to $1 from 80 cents in a short week or two, a move suggesting maybe the resource-equity selling this December tax season is closed? Finished? Kaput? We'll see. 
BRE-X: Writer-director-producer Scott Rosenfelt in Los Angeles is working up plans to make BRE-X into a feature film, with Hollywood stars. Thanks to TCR family member Robert Seguin in Switzerland for that reminder.
I have a one-pager on the proposed film for those who are interested as investors. Mr. Rosenfelt is well known in Hollywood.

His description of Bre-X, the film, goes as so: BRE-X is based on the true story of the infamous BRE-X gold scandal, the largest case of corporate malfeasance in Canadian history. The screenplay follows BRE-X CEO David Walsh's path to the dark side as he turns a fledging mining company into an overnight behemoth by claiming to have discovered the largest deposit of gold on the planet. But when the truth comes out that there is NO GOLD at all: thousands of investors are wiped out to the tune of $6 billion. This story is timely ... .
Thanks: As always, thanks to and for flashing our TCR piece this week on the coming billionaires in paper markets.   
Your friendly (neighborhood fraud),
Thom Calandra  

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