Avivagen (V.VIV) adds Prometic Life Sciences (T.PLI) Chairman Kym Anthony to the board

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0 Comments| February 28, 2014

Ottawa-based life sciences company Avivagen (TSX:V.VIV, Stock Forum) has added some significant industry knowledge to its board of directors, announcing today that it has added G.F. Kym Anthony to the slate.


Anthony is the current chairman of Prometic Life Sciences (TSX:T.PLI, Stock Forum), which has been a darling of the Canadian biotech scene for the last year, jumping some 500% since July 2013 as it develops products based on small chemical molecules that mimic interactions between proteins.

Anthony will replace retiring board member Jacques Brault.


From the company: “Anthony has considerable experience in life sciences, agriculture, capital markets and corporate governance. He is currently independent Chairman of the Board of Prometic Life Sciences Inc. (PLI - TSX), Board Vice-Chairman of COM DEV International (TSX:T.CDV, Stock Forum), Executive Chairman of Hybrid Partners and a Proprietor of Top Meadow Farms. Previously, Mr. Anthony has served as President or CEO of several major Canadian investment dealers, Chairman of the Investment Dealer's Association of Canada (IDA) and Executive Chairman of Broadacre Agriculture.

Anthony was quoted in a company news release about his decision to join the Avivagen Board, stating, "Raising livestock and improving the standards of their care have been two of my longtime passions. The combination of the business opportunities in the livestock field being joined to strong technologies and management make Avivagen an exciting growth company. I look forward to working with the Board and management to help realize the Company's full potential."

Cameron Groome, C.E.O. and President of Avivagen also commented "We are very pleased to have a person with Kym's experience and abilities agree to join our Board. Once our shareholders have spoken, I welcome the opportunity to work closely with Kym and our other Directors to perfect our strategies and implement them effectively. I also want to thank Jacques Brault for his many contributions to our Company and wish him a very happy retirement."

Avivagen, which has its own interesting technology based on based on its discoveries concerning carotenoid antioxidants. The company hopes to use those discoveries to sell natural compounds to help livestock producers and companion animal owners support the animal's own systems to maintain and enhance health, particularly by supporting immune function, rather than through antibiotics.


From the company: Research results indicate OxC-beta supports innate immune function, which can help maintain good health. In pets, OxC-beta supports overall vitality and energy, mobility and joint function, skin, coat and gut. Results observed in food animals have included healthier growth, better utilization of feed and decreased mortality. In food animals, it is intended that use of OxC-beta avoids the feeding of antibiotics.

The company has market cap of $10 million.

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