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  • Rock Pick$ GBG, USA, GGC

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    Hi Guys,

    My picks are:

    Great Basin Gold - this has finally started moving since 2nd Quarter report:  see Marco's postings as he is very thorough and more eloquent than moi:

    I can not say enough about this as almost a sure thing, as their Burnstone mine is just ramping up for first gold pour in Sep.  Their Hollister bonanza grade (over 1 oz Au/ton) mine is optimized and set to produce at 20~25 k oz per Qtr.

    USA - US Silver Corp is a producer in Silver valley, Idaho.  The are expected to produce 250k oz silver per month:

    As an extra, here is a note sent to my private group earlier:
    Rock Research - Bid on USA.v

    Further to my earlier posting on the clues that a strategic takeover is coming for USA; here is more research.

    United Mining Group are the contractors working the 'Galena" mine for USA.

    United Mining Group has just formed a Strategic Planning Commitee.
    Charles Pitcher serves on the newly formed Strategic Planning Commitee with CEO Greg Stewart.

    Baron's Group, from Hong Kong assisted in the financing bringing UMG into the CNSX listing.  
    Larry Dick Phd.  is managing director of Baron's resources group as well as a director of UMG.

    See this extract here about the possible consolidation of Silver Valley including the Sunshine Mine, United Mining Group and USA Silver:

    "We will see what Mr. Kaplan thinks about the issue. A public company called United Mining Group has just done a deal with the privately held United Services Group that holds an option on 80% of the Crescent and they will be in production soon. There will be about 50 million shares outstanding and it would be easy to do a deal with them to take control.

    The last portion of the equation would be the US Silver Corporation. In 2006, the new US Silver (USA) did a deal with Coeur d'Alene Mines to buy the Galena Mine and Mill, the Coeur Mine and Mill and the Caladay Project for $15 million in cash. USA opened at about $.60 a share, shot up to over $1.50 a share by early 2007 under the management of John Ryan and now trades at $.20.

    Tom Parker now runs US Silver. I like him. I talked to him at PDAC a couple of months ago about merging companies in the Silver Valley. In theory, he agrees but obviously the terms would be an issue.

    So here's the math. It could cost $10 million to $50 million to put the Sunshine back on its feet and develop some new clean ore. United Mining Group will be coming public at about $50 million and USA has a market cap of about $50 million. You could probably buy a control block in each of those for $100 million total. Kaplan has sunk $30 million into 100% ownership of the Sunshine. With another $150 million to buy control of United Mining Group and US Silver and startup money for the Sunshine Mine and mill and something to SNS for their remaining 20% interest in the Crescent, you would have a company that would support a professional mining staff and probably have a market cap of over $1 billion."

    So in Summary:
    1.  Definite interest in USA purchase - warrants buying, Data Room.

    2.  UMG formed Strategic Planning Commitee.

    3.  Baron's Group is associated with UMG.

    4.  UMG are the contractors in the USA Galena mine.

    5.  Kaplan has supported a bid for the old Sunshine Mine.

    The above are facts.  Now as to speculation as to what is happening; a possible buy-out from competing parties.  The Baron's group may indicate interest from China.  Kaplan has taken an interested in Silver and may be interested in more consolidation.  Consolidation does make financial sense.  This is all about financial sense in a rising Silver price environment.

    Gold and Silver Luck to you all!


    The 3rd pick is GGC, Genco Resources,  Consolidating 3 old silver mines into one and increasing production 10 times;  see their latest PR:
    Anderson already owns ~ 22% of the company and is issuing himself options at twice the existing stock price!
    If this isn't bullish........don't buy this stock!

    Gold and Silver luck to you here!

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