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    Premier BioStocks Incorporated is a Manhattan-based investment company dedicated to providing detailed information to investors about the most undervalued companies in various biotechnology and health science sectors. 
    At PBS, experienced business analysts and scientific research professionals scout for companies destined for growth by screening thousands in the industry around the world. 
    Our proprietary company selection process provides you with complete, accurate, andup-to-date information for our chosen companies in a comprehensive and easy to understand journal format.
    The information we provide will allow you to make an educated decision regardingyour investment choices in the biotechnology and healthcare industries, rather than relying on unfounded reports from individuals lacking proper scientific knowledge and training.
    Our selection process has allowed us to assemble a handful of high-quality biotechnology companies that have held and will continue to hold their value asthey mature. We hope you benefit from our rich investment portfolio, as we have at PBS!
    Listed here are brief outlines (PBS Shorts) of the companies currently in our portfolio. If you wish to see information and a rationale of their market value, please visit A significant portion of our website is free and a new company is evaluated each week in our Weekly Featured Company section. Premier Biostocks Inc. hadits web-launch in March 2011 after 5 years of careful and stringent biotechnology company analysis. We will be accepting full exclusive memberships and offering personal blogs in the summer of 2011. 
    Category: Blood & Medical Device
    PBS Short: Patients infected with pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis C, Malaria, Dengue Fever and cancerous Lymphomas are often not responsive to drug treatments due to various reasons including high pathogen load, drug resistant strains, or inaccessibility to medication. These issues are especially critical in developing countries. To address and minimize these issues, Aethlon Medical Inc. has cleverly adapted a well-established column chromatography-based technology to selectively cleanse the blood of most pathogens, immunosuppressive toxins, and circulating cancer cells thus lowering their concentrations to treatable levels.
    Category: Drug Delivery
    PBS Short: Alkermes is a pharmaceutical company currently developing a drug pipeline for schizophrenia, alcohol dependence, opioid dependence, rheumatoid arthritis, and type II diabetes. More important than their strong pipeline, is their proprietary delivery technology; a time-release microsphere drug delivery capsule. Their patented and FDA approved microsphere capsules are small enough for intravenous injection and can be applied with virtually any drug candidate. The microspheres dissolve in the blood at different rates depending on various designed chemical properties, thus slowly releasing therapeutics ranging from small molecules to peptides and proteins.
    Category: Nutrition
    PBS Short: As worldwide population booms and climate change alters landscapes, food shortages and pandemic famines are becoming evermore serious problems as humans forge into the new millennium. As a result, new and economically viable sources of nutrition will be required to feed individuals in developing as well as industrialized nations. Burcon NutraScience is a Canadian company that's attempting to resolve these issues by using biotechnology methods to extract highly soluble canola and soy protein from their respective plant sources for human consumption.  
    Category: Blood
    PBS Short: There are multiple challenges that organizations like the American Red Cross face everyday with supplying blood to the general population. One of these challenges is making sure the supply of donated blood is safe and free of disease-causing viruses, parasites, bacteria, and foreign white blood cells. To minimize the risk of spreading infection from donor to patient, current protocols require blood to be screened for common diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, and influenza. Although the screening process is stringent, not all diseases are screened and there's a risk of epidemic outbreaks should the blood supply become tainted.  Cerus Inc. has developed a system that non-specifically (broad spectrum) inactivates pathogens in blood (red blood cells and platelets) and blood plasma, thus vastly minimizing the risk of donor to patient disease transfer.
    Category: Stem Cells
    PBS Short: Geron Corporation is a stem cell and pharmaceutical company that’s forging the new age of regenerative medicine and cancer therapeutics. They’re the first and only company to date that has received FDA approval for human clinical trials using cells derived from human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs). hESCs are the ‘foundation’ cell line from which all other cells in the human body arise and have the potential to treat or replace damaged tissues and organs. In addition to Geron’s regenerative medicine division, the Company is actively developing inhibitors and vaccines against the protein telomerase to treat most types ofcancer. Telomerase is an enzyme that’s over-expressed in cancer cells, but not normal cells.
    Category: BiodegradablePlastics
    PBS Short: We consider Metabolix one of our most undervalued companies. Metabolix is a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that develops biodegradable plastics called polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), ethanol-based biofuels, and biochemicals from genetically engineered bacteria and plants.

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