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  • positive feedback

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    4.5 stars

    Well gang, the reason I do made the group was so that we could all help each other. I'd like to share some of the positive comments which I've received. They're the reason I like to try to work harder and keep going:


    I just want to thank you for the INTELLIGENT inbox msgs you send out...
    I am non-discriminating to requests, so I have plenty of inbox pumpers, but the work you've been doing is exceptional...

    Thanx again for your great work, and please keep on it... I'm getting good ideas from you for companies WORTH researching..





    Your daily info is appreciated. I like ncm, flx, eag and avr for the trades. kam has a very impressive history.






    I'm all in and no cash at the moment (sadly) but watch your posts regularly. Thanks for the constant updates. Very decent of you to keep everyone informed after a tip. Chrs.



    Thank u do a lotta diggin don't you?!!  How do you find all these little gems? 




    I  have  to  tell  you  work  hard  and  I  appreciate  that.

    Thank  you




    I appreciate the tips you have been giving. i hope i can return the favour someday soon. Thanks very much for your input. All the best.





    Hi TSXPlayer,

    I just wanted to say thanks for your diligence and hard work regarding picking juniors.

    You are a rare breed on Stockhouse, a man people can actually respect.




    I often take your posts for granted. I just want you to know that they are greatly appreciated and your fine work is not for nothing. You are like the eyes in the back of my head. Thanks


    Hey TSX,

    Remember me from the AUX days. Well I sold them for a bit of a loss...anyhow life goes on.

    I just wanted to say thanks for the ongoing tips and keep up the work. I like your commentary on notes that you send. It adds a lot more value to my decisions compared to the others who just send ticker signals.




    I responded as well. just to let you know. Thanks for all the heads up as well. Sometime we take you guys for granted. i want you to know I appreciate what you do.


    keep up the good work :)
    It's great to see people honestly trying to help each other.
    thank you


    Thank  you  for  your  dedicated  work. I  wish  I  had  as  much  time  as  you. One  day  I  will  and  able  to  help  others  like  you  do.


    Excellent information TSXPLAYER.



    Thanks very much for your help any other tips let me know

    Kind regards


    I accidentally removed myself from your group,(which is the only useful one I have found on stockhouse), could you please send me an invite again please??? 


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