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  • CYNX - wireless new cell signal tech - CHEAP

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    CYNX - Four Reasons Why Its Share Price Will Move to the Upside - SOON!

    1. Excellent unique award-winning product,

    2. Massive market (a billion + cell users - most with some signal problems!),

    3. Financing (non-dilutive)

    3. Management shift to marketing -

    For tradersthis is very important to know in addition to the technical signalswhen looking at where the share price is now - and where it will be soon- in my opinion.

    CelLynxlooks like it is at the beginning of a transformation.  Recent newsfrom a newly listed company, 5 Barz International, has me reallythinking that we could be seeing the refocusing of a technology companyfrom tech to marketing.  

    Thereis little doubt that the award winning technology has real potential asa range of products for cell users (there are well over a billion andgrowing).  Their product which can be thought of as a mini cell toweramplifies the cellular signal to a full 5 bars of power even where thereis only a single bar.  The result is less troublesome voice problemsand takes data and web surfing to its highest level of performance.

    Themarket for the small plug-and-play technology is truly massive andtheir is no competitive product with its characteristics.  

    Investorshave been frustrated by the lack of marketing success for the productand one can only look at management for this problem.  So looking backat the past several months, There was a management change replacing thestart-up management with a more marketing-friendly board.  

    Withthe 8K CYNX outlined the financing arrangements which saw that acompany named “Dollardex” was going to finance the initial growth stagewith $2.5 million in line of credit guarantees.   And then in January,“Dollardex” did an RTO and became a listed company renaming itself“5Barz International Inc.” stock symbol BARZ on the OTC market.  

    OnJanuary 5, 2011 5Barz International Inc. put out this news release:5Barz International, Inc. (5Barz) Acquires the Master Global Marketingand Distribution Rights for the Award Winning 5Barz "Cellular NetworkExtender" Technology.  In it they said:

    “...presidentMr. Daniel Bland is pleased to announce the acquisition of the masterglobal marketing and distribution rights for 5Barz products, as well as a50% interest in the intellectual property developed by CelLynx GroupInc. The 5Barz technology is the first one-step plug and play cellularnetwork extender in the industry. The 5Barz product line combineshigh-performance hardware with extensive software development,integrating complex algorithms and intuitive interfaces resulting in aconsumer friendly product which amplifies a cell signal as soon as youturn on the device.

    Theconsideration paid for the assignment of the assets is comprised of anote payable in the amount of $370,000 USD to Dollardex Group Corp. Inaddition, 5Barz will issue 15,600,000 shares of the common stock of5Barz International, Inc. to Dollardex Group Corp., representing 17.8%of the issued and outstanding common stock of the Company. Theagreements provide for the acquisition of the intellectual property for$1.5 million USD payable in a series of payments to be completed byFebruary 28, 2011. In addition the Company is making a revolving line ofcredit in the amount of $2.5 million USD available to CelLynx to befully funded if required by March 31, 2011, which is secured by thebalance of the intellectual property.

    About 5Barz International, Inc.

    5BarzInternational, Inc. has entered into an exclusive, international,marketing and distribution agreement with CelLynx Group Inc, a winner ofthe International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awardsfor its new, patent pending 5Barz cellular network extenders. 5BarzInternational, Inc. acquired a 50% interest in that technology andaspires to service an international marketplace of some 4.8 billionmobile phone users. Built on breakthrough technology, 5Barz technologydelivers faster data service and clearer phone calls in zones with eventhe weakest signals. Unlike competing technologies, the patent-pending5Barz™ technology does not require any installation, outside antennas orcables. It capitalizes on widespread customer dissatisfaction withindoor and vehicular cell phone coverage, and on the phenomenalworldwide growth of voice, data and video applications on cellularnetworks. 5Barz International, Inc. will focus on the sales andmarketing of the 5Barz products incorporating this cellular networkextender technology globally once the Company has completed theacquisition of those assets referred to herein.”

    Nowwhat can this mean?  CYNX is presently trading at 0.035 having fallenfrom highs of 0.25 in December 2009.  BARZ is trading at 1.30.  Thecommitment to the marketing of CelLynx technology is getting strongernot weaker.  With a unique product like this solving the real problem ofsignal strength in a market of the size of cell users (over a billion) Isee great things coming for this company and for the CYNX share price.

    For me this is a huge buy at this point.

    Trade well and prosper.

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