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3G/4G Wireless Tech

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  • CYNX - from RagingBull

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    I found this on Raging Bull from a single investor who bought the product at

    Post 1:

    ThoughtI'd let you know, I purchased one of the 5 Barz Road Warriorunits lastweek from the Repeater Store. $299 US, $335 with tax andshipping. Iasked them how many they had sold and if the response wasgood from thecustomer. They said they had sold 40 to 50 units and theywere fairlyimpressed with that number because there had not been muchadvertisingand not many people knew of the product yet. Also the saidthey hadheard of no problems from customers and had not had anyreturned. Ibought it just so I could see if it actually worked.
    Well itarrived yesterday and I was like a kid on Christmas. I've beenwaitingfor this day for almost 2 years. The packaging was nice and theunitseems well built. Everything needed is in the box and all I had todowas plug it in. The phone has to be in the cradle for bestperformanceand there's even an on off switch on the cradle for turningthe unit onand off if the cigarette lighter stays on after the carignition isturned off, which mine does.
    Now for the good part, I can tell youYES it does work and quitenicely. I use a Blackberry 8310 throughAT&T and the way to tell ifyou’re getting a signal boost is to goto the phone menu click onOptions and then Status. The phone will give-dBm number for thequality of signal it is receiving. I think thatstands for decibels ofgain. I’m told by the company that -60dBm isapproximately 5 barz and-100dBm is like 1 or 0 barz. So the lower –number the better thesignal. In my case I had -84dBm with the unitturned off. Still asignal good enough to talk on. However, when Iturned the 5Barz on thesignal started improving and ended up at -51dBm.Deep into 5 barterritory.
    I did the test this morning andsubsequently purchased another10,000 shares at .15. Looking at thestock chart I don’t see muchselling going on. Not much volume on thisdecline. I think just lack ofbuying and kind of a wait see about theDollardex funding. Obviouslythey’re going to need money to fund themarketing roll out but I cantell you that the product does work and isavailable for purchasecommercially by the public. That has been thehigher risk part of thisdeal so far, I think. And I got to believe ifthey’ve made it this farthey’ll get the funding.

    Post 2:

    Here'san update on the unitI purchased. .... We tested the Road Warrior thisweek on I-5. It runsfrom Nor Cal to So Cal with a 120 mile stretch thatis notorious fordropped calls every 2 - 3 minuets making cell useimpossible for abouttwo hours. The results were not one dropped calland the cell signalmonitor on the phone never got worse than -73 dBm.An added bonus is,the navigation built into the phone is vastlyimproved. The AT&TNavigator with Traffic, Maps and Search wasalways slow to connect andintermittent at best making it a pain to use.AT&T told me that wasnormal. Right! Now it connects straight awayand works flawlessly. Muchless of a hassle. -60dBm is about 5 barz andI have been gettingsignals as low as -25 dBm. All I can say is thisthing works great!It's like having a phone that works as advertised. Ididn't know what Iwas missing but wouldn't want to be with out one nowthat I have it.Once people start hearing about it I'm convinced saleswill growexponentially. Also I hear the home unit is do out after thefirst ofthe year and the Dollardex deal is still in place. Fundingcould besooner that later.

    Post 3:

    Totest the unit I sent itwith a friend of mine who is a salesman andtravels weekly to differentcities all up and down Calif. I got anotherupdate from him yesterday.He was in Long Beach Ca wich is part of theLos Angeles metropolis. Anarea that is not out in the country but a bigcity where you thinkthere should be good cell srevice. He had put theRoads Warrior in histrunk before he'd gotten his car washed. So withoutthe unit he triedusing the Navigation in his Blackberry. Well,navigation didn't workbecause signal not strong enough. So he pulledover got the RoadWarrior out of the trunk and BAMM! Navigation workedperfect. Also hetold me that on the I-5 stretch where he normally drops50 calls heclosed a sale on the phone for $700. He's buying a RoadWarrior when hegets back to town paid for by the sale he made where henormallycouldn't talk. I'm begining to see a bigger market for thesegadgets.

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