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Vermilion Energy Inc T.VET

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): VET|VEMTF

Vermilion Energy Inc is an international oil and gas producer engaged in the acquisition, development and optimization of producing properties in Western Canada, Europe, and Australia.
Company Vermilion Energy Inc.
Address Suite 3500, 520-3rd Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 0R3 Canada
Phone 403-269-4884
Fax 403-476-8100
Website www.vermilionenergy.com
Description Exploitation, development and acquisition of oil and natural gas properties in Canada, France, the Netherlands, Ireland and Australia. Production of oil and natural gas.
Other Locations Natural gas and oil production from properties in the Drayton Valley area of west-central Alberta and from properties in central Alberta; oil and natural gas production from properties in the Slave Lake area of north-central Alberta; oil and natural gas production from properties in the Aquitaine Basin southwest of Bordeaux, France and from properties in the Paris Basin east of Paris, France; natural gas production from properties onshore and offshore in the northern part of the Netherlands; oil production from an offshore oil field on the northwest shelf of the State of Western Australia, Australia; 18.5% interest in a natural gas field under development offshore of northwest Ireland.
Employees 350 (2011)
316 (2010)
Fiscal Year Dec 31
Assets $ 2,735,187,000 (2011)
$ 2,325,797,000 (2010)
Revenue $ 977,335,000 (2011)
$ 683,833,000 (2010)
Net Income $ 142,821,000 (2011)
$ 44,395,000 (2010)
Auditor Deloitte & Touche LLP
Other Info

Vermilion Energy Trust was established in January 2003 through the reorganization of Vermilion Resources Ltd. such that the majority of Vermilion Resources Ltd.'s ongoing oil and gas production operations were carried on by a new company, which took the name Vermilion Resources Ltd. and was owned by the Trust. At the same time the oil and gas exploration and development operations of the predecessor Vermilion Resources Ltd. were continued as a newly-established publicly-traded company named Clear Energy Inc. In September 2010 the Trust was reorganized so that its income trust structure was converted into a corporate structure by means of an arrangement which included the exchange of unitholders' trust units on a one-for-one basis into common shares of the newly-incorporated entity Vermilion Energy Inc.

Ownership Class Publicly-traded corporation
Stocks TSX: VET
Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction (211111)
Status Common shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
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Vermilion Resources Ltd., Subsidiary
Research Links CNW Group
Board Members Larry J. Macdonald - Chairman
W. Kenneth Davidson - Boardmember
Lorenzo Donadeo - Boardmember
Claudio A. Ghersinich - Boardmember
Joseph F. Killi - Boardmember
William F. Madison - Boardmember
Timothy R. Marchant - Boardmember
Executive Officers Lorenzo Donadeo - President & CEO
Anthony (Tony) W. Marino - Executive Vice President & COO
Curtis W. Hicks - Executive Vice President & CFO
John D. Donovan - Executive Vice President, Business Development
Mona Jasinski - Executive Vice President, People
Terry Hergott - Vice President, Marketing
Gerard Schut - Vice President, European Operations
Robert J. Engbloom - Corporate Secretary
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