Well Gents... it's been a rough ride for the past two years for the entire sector and my portfolio is feeling your pain as my average price for VTR is in the mid 70 cent range even after averaging down. I'm hopful that there will be a bit of a bounce tomorrow or early next week as this is overdone in the extreme for a project with 9-million oz of gold and 2-billion pounds of copper and no debt.

I'm only mildly concerned that they only have sufficient funds to operate for less than a full year (actual $ figure is lower than the $20-million mentioned on this Board which means going after CHU is the last thing we'd want to do). That could change quickly if sale of the secondary projects could generate some funds to direct towards Kiaka. Anyway, management here appears sold... the CEO himself even responded to my email message last week. All the same, a few insider buys of VTR would be nice to see on the Canadian Insider site.

Just don't forget that in order to make any money in the stock market you've got to buy low and sell high (not the other way around). Sounds easy doesn't it but how many of you feel like buying PM stocks today?

P.S. -- As a long-time lurker here, I've found it to be one of the better boards which isn't saying much.