I read the article that Allen linked to and it reinspired me.


Are we at the floor? 

Volta has not traded below 35 cents since September of 2009 (if I looked at the chart correctly, think I did).

Could be close.

If we get into the 20s, it's very very tempting.


I wish I had a more comprehensive view of this company. It's a gargantuan task asking an individual investor to compete with professionals evaluating a small African gold company. Isn't any easier when the stock price is getting annihilated.

I wish I knew more about the expectations for financing this year. 


That said, I know enough to recognize that trading close to cash levels is perhaps an indication of being oversold. Not a gold expert, but it seems obvious to me that Volta has valuable assets in a reasonably safe jurisdiction.


If we get in the 20s, I may buy my shares, unplug from the internet, snap my laptop in half, and just call it a day.


They can only take your shares if you sell.


I'd be curious to hear from a bear right now. Is it geopolitical risk? I saw that Randgold hasn't been doing so hot. Hard to find a gold miner that has been doing well.

Gold as a sector has been in the dumps for a while. 

It's a lot easier following the herd, but the herd never does well.


I've missed out on some of these phony stock market gains by holding PMs and gold equities. I feel that eventually I will be rewarded for having a long term outlook.


Seriously, what are you buying right now. Facebook, or Volta?

(I've got Facebook puts).


I would feel a lot better if there was a bear I could hear from. It's conflicting seeing everything online saying Volta is the bees knees, and the performance of the stock says otherwise. The only explanation offered here seems to just be "manipulation!"

That's what is frustrating. You have to fly with one eye open, especially in a stock like this. And it doesn't seem like anyone else here has much more information than I have. 


Maybe this stock is just too risky for a substantial investment. Could be better suited for a 1-3% bet that you can just forget about and not obsess over.