No I am still not convinced.  We are down a few cents on a very bad market day; just glanced at a headline indicating DOW had seen its worst day in ....I forget how long.  If the point is that fear is feeding upon itself then you are right.  But what do you do with that information.  Do you join the crowd?  Do you sell now and buy back in at 30 cents or 20 cents?  Do you leave the sector forever?   Many of us have been with this company and this sector for a very long time.  Is everything we know about the sector, about price of gold, about Volta Resources, to be thrown out the window just because we are going through a period of poor sentiment for gold miners?   Volta is going to survive.  It is not like some of these little companies on the venture exchange that have less than a million in the bank.  We can hunker down and slow down the exploration if need be.  We are almost done that anyway.  Once we get the BFS completed our cash burn rate can go down to just maintaining administration and fees for the land.   The fact of the matter is that replacement mines are not available to even come close to maintaining current levels of production by the majors and intermediates.  And at the same time the price of gold and demand for gold is at all time highs.  Despite all the doom and gloom on this board we have a whole lot of something that is extremely valued by the rest of the world.  Yes it costs some money to build a mine.  Since when was that news.  As for questioning the viability of Kiaka, I refer you to the PFS and the last two or three years of posts on this board, all of which seems to get forgotten if the share price goes down two cents.  Anyway, here is a quote from Brent Cook which I like:

"My experience has been that during bear markets like today’s, one can often recognize and purchase deposits at a steep discount while the market wallows in self-pity. This is when ten-baggers are bought; but you had better know the value behind the deposits because there isn’t much dumb money left to buy mistakes."