It's just tough seeing all of the manipulation in this market. I firmly believe in gold and silver as LT investments. Personally, I am worried about getting funding, even with the deposits. That I think will drag on this for a while. Also the sector is still in a bearish trend.


Perhaps it is foolish, but I've decided to ride on the sides with this one. I check this board and the bid asks almost every day now. I hope to catch it on the way up if possible. If not oh well.


There is huge risk here. And I only really want to be involved if this is going to be a LIFE CHANGING investment. Thus my principal risk is going to be huge. I'm not convinced yet.

There is a reason people are selling beyond manipulation, IMO. Perhaps it is just sector weakness. I suspect it is viability/funding issues. 

I'd like to be 100% convinced, but the chart for Volta right now is HIDEOUS. Up and now downn. Bids of .43 cents today? We're in the 30s by friday sadly.