I.. like the rest of you cannot believe that we are still on the 40's... as you know I thought VTR was a good deal in the 2.40's .. but those were completely different times...will be interesting to see when the gold jr market comes back into favor because right now not even any spike up on POG seems to move these guys... in the old days $50-$75 moves in POG, first was un-heard of .. but that  would move a small Jr like crazy.. now we can get $100 POG swings in a day.. ??? KGN has a rights plan can not comment on ORE... part of the problem I think with VTR is they have a bit higher total of outstanding shares compared to others at the similar stage .. hence they need to improve on their oz in the ground... KGN after the merger will be diluted to about the same total of VTR but in doing so pretty well doubles the Oz in the ground and the combined new entity has enough cash to get the mine started with out any further diluted .. both VTR and ORE will require further dilution to get to a similar stage.. but still does not explain the dif between sp of ORE and VTR ? Maybe ore just has better pr at this time..
We are led to believe that the USA economy is improving and euro land is stabilizing so we could not break 1800 and now can break 1700.. so inflation is required for a move up in POG but that could be some time off ??
I also watched a recent interview with  Eric sprott and  I agree with him .. something going on and he like I  am watching the repatriation of gold .. the amount of paper gold sold to the amount of real gold may not add up.. and if this is true .. nothing will hold back POG.. unfortunately IMO I think this is the only thing that may spike the next leg up..so I wait... and in the mean time I have a good size bet placed on VTR..I betting it is my sleeper play this year.. GLTA



Kevin Bullock, Volta Resources President and CEO, stated, "We are delighted to have significantly grown the Inferred Resources at Gaoua to 282.4 Mt of ore for 2.01 billion pounds of copper and 3.17 million ounces of gold. In addition 7% of the global resource has been converted to the Indicated category.  This clearly demonstrates the potential to substantially further increase the size of the resources within the project.  Both Gongondy and Dienemera are still open along strike and down dip.  Initial drilling on another two targets, Mont Biri and Bouserra, has intersected similar copper-gold porphyry mineralization, while many more co-incident geophysical and geochemical anomalies represent first class porphyry targets that remain to be drill tested along the 30km long porphyry corridor on Volta Resources' ground