I think market cap is the only way to compare.  Market cap is simply the number of shares time share price, so it takes into account both the "float" and the share price.  Last time I looked it ORE's market cap was more than double VTR's.    Last time I looked we had more gold.  Both have good metallurgy.  Bot have good economics with close to surface open pit.  If anything VTR's is superior because its pit is more compact. Both have experienced West African based management.    But I am perplexed as well;  I can think of no reason at all why the market would be valuing ORE to be twice that of VTR.   This is not to say that ORE should be worth less;  rather they both should be worth more, but that VTR should be at least at the market cap level of OREs.  No one is able to point out a reason for the disparity because there is none.  Maybe ORE has a catchier name.  ORE is short for OREZONE which refers to the higher grade of a gold deposit.