Interesting, Volta took a ten per cent dive too when it did its bought deal financing a year and a half ago for $1.90 a share.  Different times, different market, but at that time I think the market for Volta reacted angrily not because of dilution which was minimal but because the share prices given were less than the trading price of Volta shares then, which were over $2.00 I believe.  In retrospect that financing deal was one of the best things Volta did and the timing was impeccable;  turns out it was close to the top of the market.  So in reality the market should not have punished Volta with selling but instead there should have been significant buying because our financial security was assured for a long time.  We have a little less than half of that 40 million right now.  If we had to raise 40 million at current share price levels it would kill us and management would not do it.   And they don't have to do it because of the wise decision to put some money in the bank when times were good.