I agree with Buckshots69; we could get a wonderful news release from VTR tomorrow, concerning financing, more gold, more copper, you name it, and the market would probably shrug and we would close a penny lower.  We were taken down from $2.40 to current levels not by anything VTR did or didn't do - we have been doing everything right and we are well on our way to building the Kiaka mine - but by a sector wide downturn that had a dramatically greater impact on the juniors and microcaps in particular, and in further particular those microcaps operating in jurisdictions perceived to be risky.    We are all going to be amazed at the speed of the recovery in our share price when it happens and especially because it will not come on the heels of any news releases or any changes in the metrics of Kiaka, but rather as part of a sector wide recovery.  And though we do not need a higher POG for Kiaka to be successful - see Van Eck who owns VTR but puts fair value of gold at $800.00 - an increase in the POG is likely to be the catalyst to light the gold mining sector on fire.  And yes all the reasonable experts are now predicting the POG stays exactly where it is today - they have no imagination.  I can't wait for the POG to prove the experts wrong by a margin.  I am at heart a trend follower and the chart for POG tells me the trend has not changed.  So I am with you Buckshots69;  lets get going with the POG and things will start to get exciting with our share price.