Look in 2008-2009 many of the material stocks that make money (not venture stocks) were trading at less value than the cash they had on hand - now 4 years later many were taken out by bigger companies and the rest is history.  My point is that the real value will be seen eventually and yes, you may not catch the bottom (as most value investors see the price get knocked down farther). But at some stage you have to dip your foot into the water and then do it some more buying if there is value there.  Venture stocks are risky by nature and will get knocked down first and recover last.

2008 and 2009 were the most ridiculous times to buy - herd was running them down - it takes courage to buy when everyone is selling.  So - VTR I hope will be a mine some day and I hope with not that many shares (terrible time to raise capital at $0.50.