eebler, good to see a post from you on the board.  Here is my response.

I am confused by your comment that "there was no immediate change in value".  The news release indicates an increase in the resource estimate of 189 per cent or something like that.  Casimer in their report from yesterday adjusted their net asset value of VTR upward and states specifically: 

“Overall, we view the resource update positively and have incorporated it into our valuation, adding $0.38/share to our adjusted net asset value,” said McDougall. 

Others on the board noted that we went from about 1 million in gold at GAOUA to about 3 million in gold, maybe much more, at GAOUA.   So I think you are confusing the level at which shares are currently trading with value.

Yes neither Gaoua nor Kiaka are going into immediate production.  And yes there are many companies who have good assets without the prospect of financing an economic project.  But everything is lining up for Volta to get a re-rating of its share price.  The fact that there was not an immediate market reaction to the results at Gaoua does not confirm that VTR is worth 47 cents or whatever;  it just confirms that the trading that is going on with Volta shares is occuring without regard to its inherent value.  Therein lies the opportunity for the wise investor.