I think the timing of the financing is the interesting question now; in other words if not "if" but "when".  I think the main financing for developing the mine is likely to come into place a few months after the BFS.  That would be in everyone's best interest including Volta's and our own as shareholders.  If the major financing is done prior to the BFS or, heaven forbid, through some improvident merger or buyout, it would be done in prematurely without the benefit of a detailed BFS which will detail the true value of the Kiaka project at today's gold prices and with the positive developments since the PFS.  Not sure precisely what our burn rate these days is, but it may be that we will need some interim financing arrangements prior to getting the BFS in place sometime in September or later.  And maybe that's done through the sale of one of our other properties.    Or maybe we get a financier that is willing to get his foot in the door with some modest initial financing with the right to first option the complete financing upon receipt of the BFS.   And then the other question is whether we finance this project in a bold way recognizing the 6 million ounces of gold and the enormity of the project or do we start of with the minimum necessary to get some kind of mine going on a portion of this massive deposit.  All kinds of possibilities and its not a black and white question of financing or no financing.