Hopefully we will have a number of options following the completion of the BFS.  If we have the option to finance and develop the mine ourselves, then we are in a better position to extract a better price in the case of a buy out.  And in the case of a buy out, I expect there will be competing bids, and I doubt there will be the need for Volta to be desperate and take the first thing that is thrown at us.  I expect that if a reasonable offer is not forthcoming and that we are unable to get any kind of financing for developing the Kiaka mine then the project could simply be put on ice for the time being and other projects pursued.    The implication always is that the value of Kiaka is dictated by the ever-changing price at which shares are traded, and I do not buy that premise.  The value of Kiaka will be determined by the bankers and by larger gold miners on a takeover, not by the foolish retail traders who are selling shares for less than fifty cents.