That's the problem with American Bulls.  It is one dimensional in that it does not reference volume at all.  So on a light day like yesterday, some clown sells a few shares at the end of the day, and we are all supposed to panick and sell our shares.  Sames goes for all the hand wringing on this board.  Are we all going to be confined to bedrest and visit a psychiatrist everytime the share price moves down two cents?  If so, its going to be a very tough year for everyone on the board.  If we are all going to get excited about a two cent move down, we should be equally excited about a two cent move up.  I refuse to do either.  In my view the stock price is tremendously undervalued and that is the only exciting thing about it.    It will take a much more significant move than two cents to get me excited about the share price.  The overall developments in the gold sector and the stock market generally will be much more informative, as will the company specific developments we can look forward to in the first quarter, and ultimately the feasibility study in the third quarter.