That Brent Cook comment really got to you didn't it?  At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what Brent Cook thinks about Kiaka, or what the institutional investors think about Kiaka or what the retail investors think about Kiaka.

All that really matters in the end is whether Kiaka is economically viable in the eyes of a major for a buyout or in the eyes of a lender/banker if we develop this ourselves. 

With respect to majors interest, one has to wonder why that is not happening right now; after all they have their own geologists and can do their own due dilligence, and do not need to wait for feasibility study except maybe to satisfy shareholders and/or their own lenders.  I think the answer is that they know full well that Volta will not be interested in selling or making a deal with extremely depressed share price/market cap, and not at this stage.  You can bet the majors have their eye on us and there will be significant interest from the majors once the details of the economics of the Kiaka mine are fully explicated in the BFS.  Until then they would know they would be wasting their time and ours with any attempt to buy us out.  I am not a geologist and I am not in the gold mining business, so Brent Cook has an advantage over me.  But I bet my little finger knows more about this company than he does.  And we have very good geologists in our company who know are experts in the gold mining business and who have a long history of working successfully in the "deserts" of West Africa.

I think we also have to remember what Volta is and what it isn't.  We are a tiny microcap explorer/developer in a remote region of the world.  We cannot expect to see an uptick every time the price of gold goes up.  Anyone interested in that game would do better tracking the likes of NUGT and DUST, and there is nothing wrong with that either.   The gains when they come for Volta will be sudden, fast & furious, and the big gains will be based on company specific developments.   We need to give ourselves lots of time and patience over the coming year but there are going to be some wonderful surprises and some great days.  I am looking forward to celebrating on this board with you all.