One more day, or is it a half day? of this indiscriminate selling and then we have some exciting positive developments in the new year.  The New York conference is interesting because there is a limited number of companies involved;  generally they are by invitation only and there would have been thousands of miners who would have liked to have participated in the conference.  Also, I am thinking the company may want to try to have the plans about a possible staged approach to mining Kiaka (it has been suggested it would be available in January) for presentation at the conference.  So we may get some good news on that issue very soon.  And then the resource updates for both Kiaka and Gaoua should be coming soon.  It seems there has been a lot of year end liquidation both for Volta and for gold contracts, so I think we see a quick bounce back for both in the new year.  As well, the drama over fiscal cliff has to end at some point, and the certainty whatever the result will be good for markets.  the share price can't get much worse than it is, although that's generally not a good strategy for traders, and I have been thinkng that all the way down from $1.50 so what do I know.  But really it can't get much worse here meaning buying of any sort prompted by any catalyst will see some very exciting price action.  And, as has been stated, we have pretty good support at zero.