trying to make sense out of recent news release.  It states calculations are based on assumed revenues of $3,000 U.S. per ton of copper.  And it seems there is  It looks like we have a lot of copper and therefore a lot of money if the economics of the project are reasonable, but its certainly a different language than the gold stock talk I am used to.  Here is the clip from the n.r. that tells me we have a lot of money in the ground in copper, as far as I can understand it.

Copper Equivalent ("CuEQ") has been calculated from assumed revenues of USD 3,000 per tonne of copper and USD 700 per ounce of gold with metallurgical recovery assumed to be 85% and 70% respectively based on initial QEMSCAN results. Gold grade was multiplied by 0.6 and added to the copper grade to provide CuEQ grade. The cut-off grade further assumed typical costs of USD 2 per tonne for mining and USD 10 per tonne for processing and general administration costs.

Table 4: NI 43-101 compliant Inferred Resource estimate

Calculated by SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd. out of Cardiff, at a 0.45% copper equivalent cut-off grade at Dienemera and Gongondy - see News Release of 5 February 2009).

Tonnage Copper Gold Copper
(CuEQ %) (tonnes) % lbs g/t Oz % lbs
Dienemera 0.45 23,000,000 0.50 255,075,000 0.21 155,300 0.63 319,009,000
Gongondy 0.45 59,600,000 0.36 469,805,000 0.48 917,600 0.65 847,236,000
TOTAL 0.45 82,600,000 0.40 724,880,000 0.40 1,072,900 0.64 1,166,245,000