Thanks, I was wondering, but I figured that.  I do appreciate seeing level 2 from time to time.  Anything I say about short term trading doesn't mean much because I don't have real time or level 2.   And I probably did jump the gun with some optimism there.  I had checked in earlier and seen it at 46 cents or so and then later saw it at 49.5 with that cross, so it looked like some kind of support.   We have from now until Christmas for further tax loss selling so anything can happen with that.  There has to be a bottom somewhere.  If we take away the 14 cents in cash per share, we have 36 cents in value per share in gold.  Surely we can hold that.  But honestly I have some more money ready and would be happy to pick up some cheaper shares.  As far as the market goes, I will be happy to see the end of the year, the end of tax loss selling and the end of the fiscal cliff nonsense.