crossing the line on bullboards.  It interests me as a lawyer and someone who enjoys these bullboards.  The common assumption is that these posts have very little impact on anyone's reputation of investment decisions.  And I have always felt that its best to have a free and open discussion without fear of lawsuits;  the truth will rise to the surface and stupidity will be seen for what it is.  But it does appear that some companies have thin skins and are suing people over these bullboards.  I think that is a dangerous thing.  I remember that Timminco launched some kind of a defamation suit against someone who alleged their company was a fraud.   I am not sure it was a complete fraud but certainly the company ended up bankrupt and it didn't end up having the holy grail for solar energy processes that were thought to be the case.    

What is interesting to me is that companies are taking these postings seriously.  Maybe in thinly traded markets some of our posts actually have some impact.  That's a scary thought.  Here is today's article.