share.  Our ounces in the ground are being valued at less than $20.00.  We have more drilling results on the way and a bankable feasibility study due next year.  Why all the pessimism?   There are some worst case scenarios and some less profitable outcomes, but bankruptcy is not even on the radar.  Worst case scenarios are:  1.  dilution of shares - so instead of being valued at less than $20.00 per share we get valued at $60.00 a share;  I could live with that;  2.   selling Kiaka at firesale prices, as happened with ORE and Essakane;  3.  continuing to own Kiaka but not spending further development money on it following the BFS, and pursuing other projects;   But there is no reason to think even that the worse case scenarios above would be played out.  We are doing well, and we have the respect of people that matter.    Spend a few days or weeks not thinking about the movements in the share price, and focus on what the company is doing and you will feel better about your investment.  This cult religion of thinking that a company is only worth what someone was most recently prepared to buy/sell the shares for is not healthy.  Anyone who truly believes that is putting his or her future in the hands of the fools who are selling VTR for 50 cents.   You then become like the teenager who needs constant reassurance of his or her value as a person.   The teenager living a life on this basis in headed for big trouble and disappointments, and the same can be said of an investor with his or her eyes glued to the share price.