I think investors are increasingly demanding to know what's going on week-to-week because the producers have now established a pretty solid track record of really unpleasant downside surprises for their investors in quarterly reports.  Missed targets, higher-than-forecast production costs, 'unanticipated' technical issues, the list goes on and on.  G, ABX, NEM, IAG/IMG, K/KGC, it's hard to find a major producer in the industry that hasn't grossly underperformed as far as providing investors with REALISTIC forecasts and then delivering to those forecasts. 


Charles Jeannes, you want investors to judge you on a long-term basis, then you and your colleagues might try actually delivering to expectations.  If investors don't have to be constantly on edge for the next 'oops' report out of the industry they might let their funds sit still for a little longer and get off your back.