Lol, you are lucky that you have a wife that believes not only in you but in the stocks you invest in.   I like Kevin Bullock and I feel good about Volta as a company but I doubt there is anything honourable about going down with the ship and losing all your money on an investment.  I know you were just joking - at least I hope you were.  Believe me I have no  intention of going down on anyone's ship, even Kevin Bullock's and if I thought there was even a ten per cent chance of that happening I would be outa here in a flash.   And its never a good idea to fight the market on a point of principle; that's just a good way to lose money;  you have to be a psychopath in the market place.  No one is going to care if you live or die in this game.   The reason I am here is that this is a smart play and its going to make me some money, maybe not next week or next month but probably next year and the year after.   I am not fighting the market.  The market is ignoring us right now.  We will get the market's attention again one day.  Right now if you are fighting the market you are shadowboxing with yourself.   Looking forward to celebrating with you when it happens.