Well written and sincere.  But I disagree, and I wish I could persuade you not be be so gloomy.  I think you are placing far too much reliance on "the market" to inform you about the value of this company.  You have been around long enough that I can tell you comfortably that you know more than the market, especially the "market" today that says Volta is a sell at 51 cents.    I know the line of thinking that says, don't fight the market, etc.  The danger here is that there really is not much of a market at all, at least now.  With the highly liquid and very public companies it makes sense to speak in terms of the wisdom of the market.  I think it is dangerous to apply that kind of thinking to a tiny gold mine depveloper in West Africa which currently has an illiquid stock.  The market for everything is pretty bad right now, let alone a microcap trying to build a mine in West Africa.  

A good trader has to be able to take a loss, and sometimes a huge loss, and move on.  I am capable of doing that as well.  But I am convinced that this company is going to be a success.   I am not saying "the market" is wrong.  I am saying we do not have a market right now, the way you want to understand "the market".  Good luck, whatever you decide.