Apparently 150,000 shares wanted to be sold today,  but on the other hand, there were buyers stepping in to buy the 150,000 shares, presumably fresh blood who will hang on for the ride expecting a capital gain.   If we had no liquidity and the company was doing nothing and nothing was happening - ie my experience with Munduro and their China deposit - I would be concerned, but we have a very active management here moving the Kiaka project forward quickly with a Bankable Feasibility Study next year, and drilling continuing on our other properties.   So from a day to day basis watching share price, it may seem boring, but in reality this is a company going through a period of tremendous and exciting growth, with huge potential upside, over the next year.  Maybe its time to stop wathcing the computer every day and just let Volta do its job.  We will have some good positive surprises over the next year that will make us all glad we hung on for the ride.