Apparently that is a common expression on Wall Street.   One day there will be a much better climate for small caps and for junior golds.  If we are lucky it will correspond with the release of the bankable feasibility study.

I think from now until the end of the year, with our illiquidity, we are likely going to be affected by tax loss selling.  VTR has to be one of the prime candidates for tax loss selling.  There must be many investors who have held VTR outside of an RRSP who have incurred a significant loss who will want to take the loss to offset it against whatever gain they have made or will make.   That being the case, it may be prudent to have some cash ready in case we get some even lower prices, because it sounds like things will pick up quickly in the new year, for our company at least, if not the sector, with the kinds of developments mentioned in the corporate report yesterday