I think they really have been focused on Kiaka.  But people forget that Volta was a company before Kiaka.  In fact VTR was trading at 57 cents in 2008 before we acquired Kiaka.   We could sell Kiaka tomorrow for 500 mill and carry on with our other properties.   We already   have 1 million ounces of gold at Gaoua before the latest drilling.  Nothing to sneeze at.  Some companies have built their whole business around a million dollar deposit - see neighbour Channel resources.   I think the drilling results at Gaoua coming out in a few weeks will surprise and remind people that there is more to VTR than Kiaka.  BTW if you are in at $1.00 you have nothing to worry about.  We will get there easy within the next year, and beyond.  Buy some more during this tax loss season to average down your cost base.