In my opinion, I could really care less about what's happening at Gaoua. The grades of the gold there are very low and in my opinion useless in this type of market where it's mid-high grade or nothing. Maybe later when the price of gold goes up and the market recovers, lower grade gold like that of the Gaoua project will be mineable, but as of now I think any money and time used to finance that project is a waste of time as it wouldn't serve any immediate gains unless they plan to sell it off for a bit of extra cash (though I doubt it'll fetch for much in this time of the market). Any money time should be focused on the Kiaka project. I am a long and I'm averaged at over a dollar, so I lost a huge chunk of my money in this stock. Things like this really disappoints me. They seem to be drilling everywhere Nassara, Gaoua, etc and unless they're trying to hit the jackpot and play slots, I think its a waste of time and money. Funds are VERY limited in this time of the market and so we should focus on our main attraction - Kiaka, which they've already built a base on and have thoroughly worked on it. We don't have the money to start preliminary work on a bunch of other projects. If Volta wants to get Kiaka up and running as a mine, they should put full focus on it, and stop trying to be a pure exploration company, that tries to explore tons of different locations to hit a jackpot and sell it to a bigger company. I thought the focus of this company now was to shift from an explorer to a producer. Not become a full-time explorer, which is what they seem to be acting like.