well yes it has been beans and wieners the last couple weeks... but you also gave me the same raspberries when I was buying in the 48-49's... and I sold those in the mid 60's   .. my last buy I figured was bottom at 55 when I saw the huge support at 53... that has since broken down so we will see.. I am still ok with the last 55 block..

you asked for another stock acting like VTR... the page is not long enough... but here are two that are pretty well opposite ends of the spectrum... AGG and ATC... I still own some AGG but sold my ATC in the 2.30 plus range (for a profit)  didn't like the way it was looking... but it maybe time to start nibbling at ATC again... but I for some reason like VTR better... with KGN still being my biggest holdings and my biggest day trader ..

I would like to see VTR's vol pick up and back in to the 60's.. but we need some News and we seem to be in between news cycles or news events for VTR and until that changes we are range bound it seems.. so I just open up another can of VTR beans and wait it out..