I like that idea of owning a core holding and trading around that position with smaller blocks.  I think it keeps you mentally alert to the short as well as long term moves in the market.

I recently read the book Hedge Fund Market Wizards, which I would highly recommend, and one of the traders in that book does the same thing as a risk management devise.  Many many different styles of successful investing and trading.  One of the common themes though is the necessity of finding a way to manage risks.  Everyone has to find their own style that he or she is comfortable with.  Most of the successful traders seem to have a strong contrarian streak in their personality. 

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yeah I think the most important thing is if you want to trade is find a process or ect that you feel comfortable with... for me I  hold a core position and trading around it seems to work the best for me... even the mad money dude (which you have to take him with a grain of salt sometimes)  says the best way is to trade around a core position..  but on VTR if the vol is not there it is like watching paint dry... but you get to know the fund houses and banksters that want to move this one way or the other and after time you just try and trade around them to take some crumbs that they leave behind.. also you have nice guys on this BB that will pass me band aids when I need them .. lol