You can see on the bar chart that Volta is second to last, the last being Channel Resources, in terms of the value being places on its ounces of gold.

2012 VB#17 Channel Resources (CHU.V or CHJRF)…

Wednesday, October 31, 2012.  Since the last full update Channel Resources has given back 2-cents to close Wednesday at $0.07. As disclosed in the chart we took advantage of a spike lower in early October to add meaningful “size” to our own position.  As Vultures already know, there has been a sizable seller keeping a cap on Channel for some time as they have been liquidating something between 10 and 15 million shares.  (Through PI, National Bank and Anon.) Likely from former financiers and their clients moving on to “greener pastures,” we believe the selling is giving us what we think is an exceptionally cheap buying op for Channel’s already proven 1-million plus ounces of gold in Burkina Faso. (Resources in all categories.)   

Quite a few of the long-time Vulture members and our friends and colleagues are content to stay at or near the bid to catch the “throwaways” on this one.  We figure that when we can buy NI-43-101 backed gold in the ground at or near the price shown in the chart just below, it’s a basement window play.  “You can’t fall far from a basement window.”   Take a good look at the chart just below prepared by Channel Resources. 


The chart is self-explanatory, comparing Channel to its peers in the neighborhood on the basis of enterprise value.  At $5.50 per resource ounce Channel is The Basement

Channel’s resources at Tanlouka are in close proximity to Orezone’s Bombore’, Riverstone’s very prospective Liguidi prospect, Volta’s Kiaka and several other interesting deposits.  We can see a district play developing here at some point as there are at least 12 million ... ounces within a 30-kilometer circle about an hour east and south of the country’s capital, Ouagadougou.

Below we “borrow” maps of the area, in the order of their appearance, from Channel Resources, Volta and Riverstone for reference

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