I assume the new resource Kevin is referring to is the Gaoua resource which contains both gold and copper. 

With a new resource estimate, with a bankable feasibility study, and better market conditions - maybe a higher price of gold and a recognition that we need to increase gold  production, and actually invest money in doing that - we could have a very different situation at the end of Q2 2013. 

I would think anyone buying  Volta these days is doing so on a value basis;  at these levels and on the low volume, the days of trading Volta on technicals have past;  they will come back at some point, but I don't see how anything reliable can be had from technical analysis of Volta at this point.  No matter what price level we reach there is always someone predicting it will get lower.   At the very least we are going to have some kind of a reversion to the mean.  We are down because the funds have sold our shares and there is an absence of fund buying for some fairly superficial reasons.  Mostly to do with the perceived investing climate, that there is a risk in a development stage company, and that Burkina Faso is a risky jurisdiction, and that now is not the time to take on risk.  These factors are transitory and one would have thought that money managers would have something more to hang their hats on when they sell Volta or when they decide not to buy.  Alka Singh is an exception.  Some of the commentators on BNN have spoken respectfully about Volta but the level of analysis thrown out for public consumption is not impressive.  I suppose if you are a fund manager each company is like a card in your deck of cards and you make quick simplistic decisions about each company, whether to sell, hold or buy.   Right now Volta is trading (or not) on market sentiment which is negative in this risk off environment, and that kind of sentiment is transitory and always hard to predict.