...not that it makes a difference for VTR - down when the market's down, and down when the market's up - at least it's dependable.  Glad I sold this one to cover margin calls last week - the margined stuff's actually up today.  In a way it's good that something  forced me to part with some of this underperformer,  at least until the market get's over it's revulsion for VTR.


BTW - PZG was covered by Bob Moriarty over the weekend.  Only reason I bring it up is because their required CapEx is 688 million, yet they haven't been punished in the market the way VTR has -  sort of casts doubt on the 'It's the capex' argument as to why the market dislikes Volta so much.

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RBC seems to be selling some VTR and one heck of alot of KGN.. so they need some money it seems .. until you see trader #22 come off .53  level ..   VTR is not going lower.. IMO