The whole PM sector is either on sale (or doomed, depending on what you think is behind the current selloff, and whether you believe that any of these companies has the minimal competency required to make money mining gold - questionable given the results recently from IMG, ABX, NEM, etc...).  In either case, there are lots of plays out there with way more liquidity than VTR that will probably snap back alot harder if this is a gold bull, and will at least let you get out if this really is the end for the sector. 


Personally, I don't see VTR as a 'trading' stock anymore.  It used to be, but since the market's given up on it, it's either a 'buy and hold' or 'get out and move on stock, depending on whether or not you trust Kevin and the rest of them to figure out a way to raise close to a billion $ without killing the current pool of investors (which - one saving grace - actually includes the mgmt).